Axis resizer

The Resizer module allows the end-user to define which axes can be resized in a multiple-pane Highcharts Stock layout. The module allows controlling multiple axes within one config. This feature is very useful, especially when combining multiple technical indicators, where each of them requires a separate axis.

Basic configuration:

yAxis: [{
height: '50%',
resize: {
enabled: true
}, {
height: '50%',
top: '50%'

The configuration above generates a resizer between the first and the second yAxis. Now, the end-user can simply resize one yAxis to increase its height, and to decrease the second yAxis:


Click here to check the code.


To use the axis resizer it is required to include the module modules/drag-panes.js, or js/modules/drag-panes.js if you are using styled mode.

New options available with this module

  • Axis.maxLength: Maximal size of a resizable axis. Could be set as a percent of plot area or pixel size.
  • Axis.minLength: Minimal size of a resizable axis. Could be set as a percent of plot area or pixel size.
  • Axis.resize.enabled: Enable or disable resize by drag for the axis.
  • Axis.resize.x: Horizontal offset of the control line.
  • Axis.resize.y: Vertical offset of the control line.
  • Array of axes that should move out of the way of resizing being done for the current axis. By default, the next axis is moved.
  • Axis.controlledAxis.prev: Array of axes that should move with the current axis while resizing.


In CSS mode, use highcharts-axis-resizer class for styling the line. For JS mode, styling is available using the following options:

  • Axis.resize.cursor: Cursor style for the control line.
  • Axis.resize.lineWidth: Width of the control line.
  • Axis.resize.lineDashStyle: Dash style of the control line.
  • Axis.resize.lineColor: Color of the control line.