Gantt task configuration

The bars in the Gantt chart are showing the full duration of a task which are calculated from the start and end data point properties.


Turn a task into a Milestone when completion of the task is critical, before the progress on other tasks can continue. In a way, this will schedule the project in intervals and allows for checking the health of a project at a glance.

Set the milestone property to true for turning a task into a milestone.

See milestone example below, one of the data points in the series has the milestone property set to true

Progress bar

Use a progress bar to get a quick overview of the percent complete of a task. Turn a regular task into a progress bar by setting the completed property on the point. This property takes an object with the options fill and amount for setting the contrast color  and the amount percentage completed. The completed property can also be set directly with a decimal value between 0 and 1. Then it sets the amount property and applies the fill color by selecting a natural contrast color automatically.

See example below, for demonstrating progress bars