Arc diagram

The arc-diagram chart visualizes relations and their strength between nodes of a data set. In order to use it, you need to load the modules/arc-diagram.js module.

Data structure

Notice the structure of the keys feature that links the nodes using the keyword from and to, and weight to represent the volume of the connection: keys: ['from', 'to', 'weight']. Arc diagram-specific options such as linkWeight and centeredLinks are also shown in this snippet:

series: [{
keys: ['from', 'to', 'weight'],
type: 'arcdiagram',
name: 'Flights',
linkWeight: 1,
centeredLinks: true,
data: [
['Bergen', 'Cracow', 1],
['Cracow', 'Frankfurt', 2],
['Bergen', 'Frankfurt', 1],
['Cracow', 'Chicago', 1]

Using the marker option, we can shape the symbol of our data nodes. An example of such a configuration with the necessary options can be found in the demo below:

Another important feature to mention is the ability to rotate the chart with the inverted and reversed options:

For more detailed samples and documentation check the API reference.