Custom themes in styled mode

Highcharts allows you to create your own custom charts’ theme using CSS.

The default the CSS file for styled mode is available as /css/highcharts.css on the root of as well as under version folders.

In the highcharts.css file, there are CSS variables for all the colors used in the chart, both for the data and for GUI elements like labels, borders and such. Use them to easily style the chart in the customs theme. As a result, there is no need to overwrite all CSS classes.

In addition to the data colors, Highcharts uses two ranges of colors called the neutral and the highlight colors. These range from a full contrast color with a weight of 100, to low-contrast variations with lower weight. You can use the Palette Helper tool to generate these variations.

How to create your own theme

Follow the steps below to create a custom theme using CSS rules:

  1. Create a CSS file

  2. Use @import to load all default highcharts styles

  3. Re-declare CSS variables of the default highcharts.css file. For more fine-grained control over each element's appearance, declare individual classes.

Example of yourtheme.css

@import '';
/* This will re-declare variables globally */
:root {
--highcharts-color-0: #f45b5b;
/* This will overwrite variables for different charts */
#container-1 {
--highcharts-color-0: #f45b5b;
#container-2 {
--highcharts-color-0: #dedede;
/* This will use a different variable for some elements, in this case a more
contrasted color variation for the axis labels */
.highcharts-axis-labels {
fill: var(--highcharts-neutral-color-100);
/* Example of individual components overriding variables */
.highcharts-title {
fill: black;
font-size: 26px;
font-weight: bold;

See our CSS colors demo for a boiler plate of experimenting with the default CSS. Highcharts since v11 also honors the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature by default, and it is recommended that you test your styling with both light and dark modes. See the Style by CSS article for how to disable or modify this.

Highcharts offers three different themes by default. There are available as CSS files at :


Prior to Highcharts v11, the CSS was generated from a SASS file highcharts.scss. Read the old docs on how to set up and modify that.