Highcharts allows charts to be presented in any language.

Translation language strings

All GUI elements with strings as well as number specifics can be translated. See the lang options set.

Reversed and bidi text (arabic, hebrew)

All modern browsers reliably support bidirectional text in SVG, though there might be problems writing complex HTML strings that are parsed and displayed using SVG. As a workaround for this, in Highcharts all text options are accompanied by an additional option, useHTML. When using HTML, all browsers handle bidirectional text without a problem. Note that in order for this to show correctly on exported charts, you need to set the exporting.allowHTML option. For an overview over the different settings, go to and search for useHTML.

In Firefox < 4 there is a bug that completely breaks bidi text in SVG. As a convenient workaround for this, we have added a boolean constant, Highcharts.hasBidiBug, that can be used to determine when to use HTML in labels:

labels: {
useHTML: Highcharts.hasBidiBug

Reversing the geometry of the chart

In RTL languages you may want to put the Y axis on the right side and reverse the X axis so that it flows from right to left. 


Numbers can be internationalized by extending the numberFormat function. See the example of Arabic digits in Highcharts

Live demo

See a live Arabic chart demo.
See a live Arabic chart demo.
See a live Chinese chart demo.