3D funnel

Funnel 3D series type is the 3D variant of the Funnel Chart. Funnel Chart is mostly used to display the different stages in the sales process with having qualified leads on the top and closed deals at the bottom. A business is bound to lose a number of potential deals for each phase in the sales process, and that is why a typical funnel has a high number of leads at the top where the funnel narrows as more clients drop off. Funnel Chart is used to see how effective a sales team can turn leads into closed deals.

Setting up

The Funnel 3D chart requires highcharts.js to be loaded first and after that, load successively highcharts-3d.js, modules/cylinder.js, modules/funnel3d.js.

The 3D perspective is enabled by setting options3d.enabled to true. Set the chart type or the data series type to funnel3d (API) or in series options.

Configuration options

Each segment of the 3D Funnel has a height that relates to the data point’s value. In addition, the neck's size can be set by the neckWidth and neckHeight options.

The size of the funnel fills the plot area by default, but can be configured by setting the width and height properties.

See the API for all other options related to the Funnel 3D Chart.