Bullet chart

A bullet graph is a variation of a bar graph. The bullet series features a single measure, compares it to a target, and displays it in the context of qualitative ranges of performance, that could be set using plotBands on yAxis.

For more detailed samples and documentation check the API.

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How to create a bullet chart

Bullet series requires the following module “modules/bullet.js”.

To create a bullet series, add the following configuration in the series option:

type : 'bullet',
data : [{
y : 20, // The value of a point
target: 50 // The target value of a point
targetOptions: { // Options related with look and position of targets
width: '140%', // The width of the target
height: 3, // The height of the target
borderWidth: 0, // The border width of the target
borderColor: 'black', // The border color of the target
color: 'black' // The color of the target

The targetOptions could be set for each point to create individual target options. On point level and even on series level the targetOptions are optional - default options will be set. The default options values can be found in the API reference.