Our story

Highcharts started as Torstein’s humble quest for a simple charting tool for updating his homepage with snow depth measurements from Vikjafjellet, the local mountain where his family keeps a cabin. Frustrated with the common flash plug-ins, and other proprietary solutions at the time, he decided to build a standards-based solution of his own, and share it with the world. It turns out he was doing more than scratching his itch. Since its launch in 2009, Highcharts has remained the secure choice for cutting-edge charting tools in a highly competitive data visualization market. Meet the team behind Highsoft.

Highsoft, the company behind Highcharts, is located in Vik i Sogn, Norway. Vik is a beautiful small town, surrounded by spectacular mountains and fjords. Spending time enjoying outdoor activities in our spectacular natural environment has been an inspirational catalyst for many of our ideas and products. To find out more information about our hometown, Vik, please check out Torstein’s website.

While the bulk of our growing team is located in Norway, the international nature of our business has lead us to recruit talent and forge partnerships outside of Vik. We also have offices in Bergen, Oslo, a dedicated support in Poland, and distributors across the globe.

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Our story in Highcharts


Since the inception of our company, our mission has been simple: Make it easy for everyone to visualize data on the web. Over the years, web technology (HTML & JavaScript) has become incorporated into everything from smart watches and thermostats, to mission-critical financial trading applications. Our customer base, and how they use our technology, has therefore also evolved. We meet these challenges with a relentless focus on delivering the highest quality products and support.

We also strive to make it easier to consume data. Our charts not only intelligently adapt to any device and screen size, but have become the gold-standard for making charts accessible to visually impaired users. Visit our Accessibility Portal to learn more about Highcharts and Accessibility.



Highsoft shall be the first choice in digital data visualization by collaborating to bring out the best in each other.


Highsoft shall be the first choice in digital data visualization by delivering quality that we can be proud of, and continuously strive for improvement.


Highsoft shall be the first choice in digital data visualization by being transparent in all we do, and trusting each other and our customers.


We are extremely proud to announce our acceptance into the United Nation’s Global Compact, the largest voluntary initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility. Furthermore, in 2022, we received our Eco-Lighthouse certification. This is visible proof of our efforts towards a green and sustainable future through comprehensive and systematic work with measures in areas such as purchasing, energy, transport, waste, emissions and aesthetics.

Being Eco-Lighthouse certified also contribute to achieving several of the UN’s sustainability goals. A sustainable future needs concrete action and a joint effort from both the business community, the authorities and consumers. This is an imperative step toward formalizing our work with CSR.

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