Understanding Highcharts#

To get to grasp with how Highcharts works it is important to understand the various parts or concepts of a chart.

Below is an image and a description of the main concepts in a chart.



Is the text that will be presented at the top of a chart.

See Title and subtitle for more information.


Is one or more series of data presented on a chart.

See Series for more information.


When hovering over a series or a point on the chart you can get a tooltip that describes the values on that particular part of the chart.

See Tooltip for more information.


The legend show the data series in the graph and allows for enabling and disabling one or more series.

See Legend for more information.


The x and y-axis of the chart, can also use multiple axes for different dataseries. Most chart types, like the typical cartesian types line and column, have axes. Polar charts have an X axis that spans around the perimeter of the chart, and even gauges have a single value axis. Pie charts don't have axes.

See Axes for more information.