Map series#

The map series is the basic series type in Highcharts Maps. It creates a choropleth map offering the ability to create map shapes and visualize their values through color coding or patterns.

Initialize the constructor#

When setting the mapChart constructor, the default series type is map. If the type option is not specified, it is inherited from chart.type. For an overview of the map series options see the API reference.

Highcharts.mapChart('container', {

Load the map#

Highcharts Maps loads its maps from TopoJSON or GeoJSON. A more detailed instruction on how to work with it is written here: Load the map

Add and join data#

In this link, you can find detailed descriptions of how to work with, and series.joinBy.

You can also find there another way of joining the data by omitting mapData and setting the path directly on the data point.