Lollipop chart

A lollipop plot is basically a bar plot, but with line and a dot instead of a bar. It shows the relationship between a category and a value. On the Y axis, the value is represented by the center of a dot - not by the top/bottom edge (or right/left for inverted chart) what is commonly mistaken.

Using the Lollipop series is useful when you have several bars of the same height, especially when the values are ~90% of range - it avoids the Moiré effect and the chart is not such visually aggressive.

Getting started

Lollipop series requires loading the Highcharts and all highcharts-more, dumbbell.js and lollipop.js modules.

Here is an example for loading lollipop modules into a webpage:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

The demo below represents a simple lollipop plot

Vertical lollipop chart

To display a vertical lollipops, set chart.inverted to true.

Configuring options

The dot can be customized as every other marker in Highcharts, among the others:

  • fillColor series.marker.fillColor - color for the dot.
  • radius series.marker.radius - size of the dot.

The connector line can be customized by:

  • connectorColor series.connectorColor - color for the connector line.
  • connectorWidth series.connectorWidth - width of the connector line.