Highcharts® Maps

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Everybody's favorite mapping library.

Highcharts Maps offers a standards-based way for generating schematic maps in web-based projects. It extends the user-friendly Highcharts JavaScript API and allows web developers to build interactive maps to display sales, election results or any other information linked to geography.



All our charting libraries work with any back-end database or server stack. Data can be given in any form, including CSV, JSON or loaded and updated live. Wrappers for most popular languages, such as .Net, PHP, Python, Java, and R, and frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular are available from Highcharts or our community.

Extensive Map Collection

We provide a collection of hundreds of maps, all optimized for fast download and rendering with Highcharts Maps. For your convenience, the map collection is also available via NPM.

Create your own maps

In essence, maps are just shapes defined by SVG. It is therefore easy to create custom maps, such as this regular map of a made-up place, or this irregular map of a real place.

Multiple Map Types

Several map types are supported, including map area, map line, points of interest, bubbles on maps, heatmaps and tilemaps.

Mobile & Touch optimized

Intelligent responsiveness goes beyond fitting the chart to the dimensions of its container, but places non-graph elements such as labels, legends and headings in the most optimal location automatically. Multi-touch gesture support allows for a native experience on mobile and touch screens. Single touch-drag for data inspection, multi-touch for zooming, and more.

Color Axis

For full control over the color layout of the Highcharts Maps choropleth maps, a separate color axis is displayed inside the legend. It inherits most features from scalar axes in order to provide common options like min, max, logarithic scale and more.

Export and print

With the exporting module enabled, your users can export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format at the click of a button, or print the chart directly from the web page.

GeoJSON Support

Besides the common Series/Point concept, Highcharts Maps accepts the standardized GeoJSON (as well as TopoJSON) format for map input.

Intuitive navigation & drilldown

Highcharts Maps features all common ways of navigating, like plus/minus buttons, doubleclick to zoom, mousewheel zooming, multitouch and panning. The drilldown module ensures smooth interaction between map areas on one layer, which zoom into a full map on the underlying layer.

Options are optional

In most cases, maps look and behave exactly as you need without any modifications. For anything else, a simple options-structure allows for deep customization. Highcharts Maps is also extendable and pluggable for experts seeking advanced animations and functionality. Check out some advanced customizations in our community section, and add ons in our our extensions directory.


Numerous events supply hooks for programming against the maps, making it easy to demonstrate complex relationships between data with live, dynamic updates of data and customizable animations. Data can be handled over to Highcharts Maps in any form, even from a different site, and a callback function used to parse the data into an array.

Vibrant community

The largest developer community of any premium charting tool on Github, StackOverflow, and other forums is eager to offer additional assistance, platform-specific implementation advice and inspiration when you need it. In addition, we have half-a-dozen dedicated support engineers monitoring our forums, StackOverflow, GitHub and support emails.


Intelligent responsiveness goes beyond fitting the chart to the dimensions of its container, but automatically finds an optimal placement for non-graph elements such as legends and headings.

Flexible Styling

Our elegant charts render crisp and clear at any resolution and are easily styled via JavaScript or CSS.