Highcharts Products

The Highcharts suite of products is a pure Javascript charting library based on SVG that makes it easy for developers to create responsive, interactive and accessible data visualizations.

Download the source code, inspect it, and make edits as you wish. No trial license is required. When you’re ready to use the software for commercial projects, please see our shop for more information.

Our Developer community (the largest of any premium charting tool) is eager to answer your platform-specific questions, and offer advice and inspiration when you need it. Our dedicated support engineers also monitor our forums on StackOverflow, Github and support emails.

Highcharts Suite Features

  • Accessible, interactive, responsive with touch support.
  • Works with any back-end database or server stack.
  • Data can be given in any form, including CSV, JSON or loaded and updated live.
  • Deep customization through a simple options structure.
  • Styling via JavaScript or CSS.
  • Integrations for .NET, R, iOS, and Android (and more), and frameworks like Angular, Vue and React.
  • Export charts to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG.

Highcharts® Core

The core library of our product suite.


  • All the standard chart types plus more.
  • Integrated typescript declarations.
  • Sonification support.
  • Free editor app.
  • Debugger mode.
  • Extendable and pluggable for advanced animations and functionality.

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Highcharts® Stock

Create stock or general timeline charts for your web and mobile apps.


  • High-volume data navigation with range selectors, date pickers, adjustable panes and small navigator series.
  • Super-fast intelligent data grouping.
  • 40+ built-in Technical Indicators.
  • Advanced end-user annotations.
  • Includes Highcharts Core.

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Highcharts® Maps

Build interactive maps that link data to geography.


  • Hundreds of maps are available in our collection, in SVG, GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats.
  • Supports map area, map line and map point series, as well as heatmaps and tilemaps.
  • Projections can be custom built and plugged in.
  • Draw custom maps or combine maps with charts.
  • Supports double-click to zoom, mouse-wheel zooming, multitouch and panning.

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Highcharts® Gantt

Build interactive charts for allocating and coordinating resources along a timeline.


  • Milestones, Percent-complete, Current day indication and Dependency visualization.
  • Create custom markers for tasks and resources.
  • Hierarchical grouping.
  • Dependency visualization.
  • Drag and drop interactivity.
  • Integrated navigator and range selector.

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Highcharts® Dashboards

Enables developers to set up a functioning, responsive, accessible dashboards in minutes with minimal effort.


  • Prebuilt KPI, Data Grid and chart components.
  • Built-in data synchronization.
  • Responsive layouts based on Flexbox.
  • Supports custom HTML and media components.
  • In-browser editing.
  • Completely self-hosted.

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Highcharts® Editor

Enable less techy developers to create interactive charts.


  • Wizard-style UI that walks through making a chart, from start to finish.
  • Licensed under MIT license, so you’re free to make any changes to it.
  • Easy and hassle-free to embed in any 3rd party system.
  • Shops with a rich template library, and supports a vast collection of charts right out of the box.

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