3D pyramid

Pyramid 3D series type is a 3D variant of the Pyramid Chart. It represents data in the same way as a Funnel Chart but reversed and without a neck width and neck height. Use this chart type for displaying percentage ratio or for visualizing volumes in different phases.

Setting up

Pyramid 3D is part of the Highcharts library. Load first highcharts.js and then sequentially the following files: highcharts-3d.js, modules/cylinder.js, modules/funnel3d.js, and modules/pyramid3d.js.

The 3D perspective will be enabled by setting options3d.enabled to true.

Series type could be set on chart level or in series options.

Configuration options

Each segment of the 3d pyramid has a height that relates to the data point’s value. The size of the pyramid fills the plot area by default but can be configured by setting the width and height properties.

See the API for all other options related to the Pyramid 3d Chart.