Range series

Using range series requires that the highcharts-more.js file is loaded.

Highcharts includes range series in three different flavours, namely "arearange", "areasplinerange" and "columnrange". Instead of cluttering up the API with a "barrange" series type, we let you achieve this by setting chart.inverted to true with a column range series. Data points for range series can be defined either as objects ({ x: 0, low: 1, high: 9 }) or as arrays ([0, 1, 9]). In either case, the x value can be skipped.

To create a range series set chart.type or series.type to "columnrange":

chart: {
type: 'columnrange'
dataLabelsSince both the low values and high values for a series need a separate data label, we added a new set of options, "xLow", "xHigh", "yLow" and "yHigh". With these options, the relative position can be altered.
lowMarkerThe "lowMarker" option helps to visualize better the low and high values by customizing their symbols separately.

Range series examples