Range series

Using range series requires that the highcharts-more.js file is loaded.

Highcharts includes range series in three different flavours, namely "arearange", "areasplinerange" and "columnrange". Instead of cluttering up the API with a "barrange" series type, we let you achieve this by setting chart.inverted to true with a column range series. Data points for range series can be defined either as objects ({ x: 0, low: 1, high: 9 }) or as arrays ([0, 1, 9]). In either case, the x value can be skipped.

To create a range series set chart.type or series.type to "columnrange":

chart: {
type: 'columnrange'
dataLabelsSince both the low values and high values for a series need a separate data label, we added a new set of options, "xLow", "xHigh", "yLow" and "yHigh". With these options, the relative position can be altered.

Range series examples