Column pyramid#

A column pyramid chart, like the column chart, is often used to visualize comparisons of data sets with discrete data, where the focus is on the values instead of categories as people read from left to right. This demo visualizes comparisons of the height of five pyramids.

Adapt the x axis to the right if the audience read from right to left, for instance, an audience from the middle east.

Here is a demo using a column pyramid series to display one pyramid per value along an X axis.

Other demos:#

Stacked column pyramid

Inverted column pyramid


Requires highcharts-more.js.

To display horizontal pyramids, set chart.inverted to true.


The code of columnpyramid is very simple to set, like the bar chart, as many features are already set by default such as the responsiveness, tooltip, colors, legends, etc.

Use Cases

chart: {
type: 'columnpyramid'
series: [{
data: [138.8, 136.4, 104, 101.1, 75]

API Docs#

Check the following API document link to learn more about the column pyramid.