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  • Ralf Guttmann
    We are using gantt charts (from fusion charts) already a couple of years and find it absolutely necessary that a milestone is not limited to just one day but has a duration between a start and an end date. From my experience from a lot of projects with customers this is a crucial feature. Another this is that the action groups should be visualized as a bracket to show a difference to a normal action. See sceen shot for example. We really would like to change from fusion charts to highcharts because we are already using the high charts library very succfesfully.

    • Lars Cabrera

      Hi, Ralf.
      Nice to know you’re interested in going with Highcharts 🙂

      Milestones and tasks are two quite different elements of a Gantt chart. Milestones are by definition single points in time, but there is nothing in the way of having what you described: However, there is currently an issue with using the same y-value on multiple points in a tree grid (we are after all still in alpha), resulting in milestones not being able to be rendered on top of tasks.

      I agree that action groups (parent tasks) should perhaps be visualized in a different way than leaf-tasks, but I’m not too sure about the bracket-design. We’ll look into this.

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂