Highcharts for Accessibility

Accessibility Statement

If you need assistance accessing our pages, please contact us through our Accessibility Assistance Contact Form.

Highsoft AS is committed to further digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We aim to ensure a great user experience for all users of our products and services, and to help develop and advance the field of data visualization accessibility.


All of our digital services should at minimum comply with WCAG 2.1 level AA.

In addition, we are especially committed to delivering tools for creating accessible content. Our Highcharts product family should help developers create the most accessible data visualizations technologically possible. We aim to design solutions that exceed regulatory compliance to have a broader focus on usability for all users.


We have employees dedicated to working with accessibility, including our Head of Accessibility and an internal accessibility working group.

All new employees are given an introduction to the basic concepts of accessibility. In addition, internal training sessions are organized to promote employee accessibility knowledge and involvement.

Our digital services are subject to internal audits and review, and automated accessibility tests are implemented across the highcharts.com website.

Conformance with WCAG 2.1 level AA is a requirement when we make use of 3rd party plugins, content, or consultancy services.

Our Highcharts product family comes with a large number of features dedicated to accessibility and usability for people with disabilities – including advanced screen reader support, keyboard navigation support, and support for sonification.

Accessibility features in our products are subject to automated tests, internal review, as well as external user testing by accessibility experts and people with disabilities. Our testing focuses on both usability and conformance with regulations.


We routinely collaborate with other companies and institutions in order to advance the state of data visualization accessibility. This includes participation in various accessibility working groups related to data visualization accessibility and technology.

We also routinely attend and present at accessibility conferences and meetups.

Browser compatibility

We aim to make our products and services compatible with all modern browsers. Certain products are also compatible with legacy browsers. This is noted in the relevant product documentation.

Some of our online services are not compatible with the Internet Explorer browser, and we recommend upgrading to a more modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. This currently applies to our Sonification Studio tool.

Our chart accessibility features are available for Internet Explorer 11 and later. We always recommend using a modern, updated browser for the best experience.

Compatibility with assistive technology

We do our best to make our products and services accessible to a wide variety of assistive technologies.

Our screen reader testing typically involves using the latest versions of JAWS, NVDA, Narrator, VoiceOver, and Talkback.

We perform tests with other assistive technologies when this is deemed necessary, including voice input software and tactile printing technologies.

Statement revision

This statement is revised yearly, and kept up to date with current developments and changes in global accessibility standards and guidelines.

Known issues

Product bug reports can be tracked publicly in our relevant code repository on GitHub.

Our highcharts.com website and related services are currently undergoing a development process to address several accessibility issues. Please contact us below to provide you with alternative solutions if this is prohibitive to you accessing the information.


To reach us for accessibility-related feedback, questions, or complaints, please contact us via our Accessibility Feedback Form, or send us an email at [email protected]. We aim to answer all inquiries within 5 business days.

For additional contact information, please refer to our contact page.