Highcharts Editor


The Highcharts Editor is a JavaScript/CSS library for Highcharts 5 which enables non-programmers to easily create and publish charts. It’s implemented as a simple and clean wizard-style UI which walks the user through chart creation from start to finish. Features can be enabled/disabled as desired and required, and augmenting it with e.g. custom importing modules is a straight-forward process.

The library is free and open source, but as the editor relies on Highcharts.js, it requires a valid Highcharts license for commercial use. Each Single Developer license includes 5 Content Creators. If you require more Content Creators than the license you own would allow, please get in touch with us here.


Are you primarly a content creator? Highcharts Cloud may be a better fit for you. See comparison below.


100% client-side: no infrastructure required

The editor lives completely client-side, and is largely self-contained. Apart from a dependency on Highcharts.js (version 5.0 and newer), it only requires FontAwsome and a single Google Font.


The editor can be extended or tailored to practically any need. A powerful plugin-system allows for the creation of custom import/export plugins (or more general "do this when the chart changes" plugins), and most of the features can be enabled/disabled as required.



The editor is licensed under the MIT license, so you're free to make any changes to it. Note that a Highcharts.js license is required, as the editor depends on Highcharts.js to function.


The editor ships with a rich template library.


An advanced property setting mode can be optionally enabled, allow for the modification of practically every option available in the Highcharts API.


The editor was made with integrations in mind from the beginning, and is easy and hassle-free to embed in any 3rd party system.


The editor ships with integrations for TinyMCE, CKEditor, and Wordpress - all ready to drop into your project. 


Comparison of the Highcharts Editor and Highcharts Cloud

  Editor Cloud
WYSIWYG chart creation Yes Yes
Basic data import (CSV) Yes Yes
Advanced property setting Yes Yes
Template library Yes Yes
Highsoft-hosted service (SaaS) No Yes
Cloud hosting of charts No Yes
Supports custom code within the editor No Yes
Data manipulation (data grid) No Yes
Back-end support system No Yes
Editor source code available Yes No
Can be integrated in 3rd party systems Yes No
Plugin support Yes No