Nightingale’s diagram

Nightingale's diagram


Visualization is a great way to make decisions. Because, as a human, we are well wired to process data visually.
If we process data efficiently, the possibility of making a good decision will be very high. Nightingale’s diagram is a very famous data visualization example seen historically. During the war of Crimea (1853 – 1856), Florence Nightingale served as a nurse.
Nightingale realized that the cause of the death was more related to the poor conditions of the hospital’s facilities, rather than the wounds from the battlefield. Nightingale made a remarkable report with statistical diagrams to better understand the situation, and to make the right decision. The diagram below was made by Nightingale after the Crimea war:

Let’s see how this diagram will look like using Nightingale’s data but in an interactive way, see the picture below (Diagram for hover and click on):

Even today, Nightingale’s diagram is astonishing.