Introducing the Highcharts Core Figma Plugin

Creating charts from scratch for design mockups and prototypes is time-consuming, and updating them can be tedious. That’s why we made the Highcharts Core Figma Plugin, a hassle-free way to incorporate Highcharts data visualizations into your Figma design projects, now available for free on Figma Community.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding the plugin’s features and functionality to include support for custom themes and data sets. But for now, let’s take a look at what the Highcharts Core plugin can do.

Includes all essential chart types

Choose from a variety of chart types including line, area, pie, donut, column, bar and gauge, and insert them into your designs with one click. Then easily fine-tune colors and fonts to match your project’s aesthetic.

Easy Adjustments

Already made a chart? No problem! Just click on your chart’s parent frame and launch the plugin to change the chart type, add or remove series, generate new random data, modify axes types and extremes or flip from dark to light mode with a click.

Intuitive Interface

Our plugin’s interface uses standard design tool conventions and includes a built-in preview to show you exactly what you’re updating prior to finalizing your changes.

Tell us what you think

Give the Highcharts Core Figma plugin a try and share your feedback and suggestions on the Highcharts Core page on Figma Community. You can also reach out directly to our plugin team via email at [email protected].

The Highcharts Core Figma plugin was developed by Black Label and Highsoft. Black Label has been the dedicated support and development team for Highcharts and Highsoft for over a decade.