Highcharts Android Wrapper


The official Highcharts Android Wrapper is now available for the android community. The wrapper provides all Highcharts’ features and benefits to developers who prefer working purely with Java.
The official Highcharts Android Wrapper offers to developers the capability to initialize the chart as a normal view in Android. This solution allows to create a chart into a separate fragment or activity; developers can also create charts directly next to other views without affecting the charts.

Key points about the Highcharts Android wrapper

  • The wrapper works with Android 4.4 and newer.
  • The chart creating process is simple as each main feature has its own class. Just create a class, then setup variables and the chart is ready.
  • The framework is easy to install and to use since only a few options are needed to generate a chart.
  • The wrapper creates a small JavaScript WebView embedded in the mobile app. By using our “bridge design” charts are created in ways that feel native to Android.

Feel free to try the demos and to check the wrapper web page.