Highcharts V.8: Faster, better, more powerful.

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Highcharts 8 is out. It includes exciting, new charts and features across Highcharts, Highcharts Stock, Highcharts Maps, and Highcharts Gantt.


New chart type: Radial Bar Chart

A radial (or circular) bar series visualizes columns on a polar coordinate system. Since the xAxis is vertical and yAxis is circular, as opposed to non-inverted variant, the shape of the columns is circular.

Under the hood, this is a column series in an inverted and polar chart, and the data format is the same as in any other column or bar series. See examples here.

Make charts easier to read with marker clusters

Marker clusters is the concept of sampling the data values into larger blocks in order to ease readability and increase performance. Is a simple solution to display a large number of markers on a map or a chart. The number on a cluster shows how many markers it contains. As you zoom into the map the points will start to show and the cluster will contain fewer markers.

You may choose from three available clustering algorithms.
The marker-clusters module supports mappoint and scatter series types. See examples here.

Real-time data sorting

Highcharts 8 introduces a possibility of presenting data in ascending or descending order, as a part of the Highcharts core. This concept, in a simple way, allows distinguishing points with the highest or lowest values, which is very useful for dynamic data.

A nice touch is the option to animate sorting on updates. See examples here.


Additionally, there are a host of under-the-hood performance upgrades that affects all products, including enhancements to the Accessibility module. Separately, Highstock has bee updated with a Slow Stochastic indicator, to the list of built-in technical indicators. See the full changelog here.

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