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Do you want to use Highcharts to visualize data or create interactive charts for a personal website, a school website or a non-profit organization? Just get yourself a free, non-commercial license. To try out Highcharts for any type of project, grab the code in any of the ways below.
Download our library

The zip archive contains Javascript files and examples. Unzip the zip package and open index.html in your browser to see the examples.

Use the Highcharts CDN Instead of downloading, feel free to use the Highcharts CDN to access files directly.
<script src=""></script>

Install Highcharts with NPM

The official Highcharts NPM package comes with support for CommonJS and contains Highcharts, and its Stock, Maps and Gantt packages. Read more about how to install Highcharts with NPM.
npm install highcharts --save

Load as modules or create your own build

Highcharts can also be loaded as ECMAScript modules from our CDN, as AMD modules, as UMD modules or as TypeScript. You can also create your own tailored build to include only the features you need. See the main repo readme for details.

Buy a license

We offer flexible license and pricing options for commercial projects.

Buy a license

Developer License

Use in unlimited intranets, websites and mobile applications, and 1 SaaS/web application. We offer up to 20 directly from the webshop. Contact us to get a license for larger teams.

OEM License

Bundle your product with Highcharts and distribute to third-party servers. Contact us for pricing.

Non-commercial License

Enjoy our software for free under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-Non-Commercial license.

All commercial licenses come with 12 months of our Advantage plan which entitles you to all new releases and access to our extended support offerings.

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