Announcing v6.1

Highcharts 6.1

We are proud to announce the release of Highcharts, Highstock and Highmaps version 6.1, featuring live data URLs, pattern fills, smooth panning of wide plots on mobile phones, SCSS powered themes and an advanced stock chart dashboard.

Live data URLs

The new feature allows setting up live charts in a declarative way, using no callbacks or function calls. Not only does it simplify the setup a lot, it also allows a dynamic chart to be created using graphical user interfaces, including Highcharts Cloud, providing that you have the dynamic backend that can serve the updated data set. See Live data configuration for details and samples.

Pattern fills

The pattern fill feature that was previously possible using a plugin, is now a featured part of Highcharts, and extended with more functionality. Pattern fills are great for accessible charts and for styling. Check out the samples in our blog post.

Mobile native scrolling

While Highcharts has great support for responsiveness and zooming/panning, this new feature adds a new layer of accessibility by separating the plot area into a separate div that scrolls with the mobile phone’s native speed and smoothness, while the axes and surrounding elements are fixed. The graphs and series disappear below the axes indicating to the user that the content is scrollable. Open the scrollable plotarea sample on your mobile (or with a small browser window) to check it out! Options are set using the chart.scrollablePlotArea API.

SCSS themes

Highcharts 6.1 also brings a set of themes for Styled Mode, showcasing how designers can work with either SCSS or CSS to bring your own design and branding to your charts. See creating custom themes in styled mode.

Stock chart dashboard

Last but not least, don’t miss our new advanced stock chart demo. It is a sample of creating rich dashboards for traders and analysts using Highstock, pointing the way forward to Highstock v7.0 where features like this will be an integrated part of the API.