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Finally we’re ready to introduce our Standalone Framework for Highcharts! Since the first release, Highcharts has relied on jQuery, MooTools or Prototype to run. Not any more.

Although almost every website runs on jQuery these days, there are many situations where you want to run Highcharts alone. Mobile apps trimmed for minimum bandwidth use, web apps built on other frameworks, or just a simple website where you want to keep it clean.

Currently Highcharts comes bundled with a jQuery adapter that can’t be removed, but this will change when we launch our new download builder, which will let you pick the components you need in your web project.

The new Standalone Framework weighs in a 2.1kB compiled and gzipped, as opposed to 1.1kB for both the (internal) jQuery adapter and the MooTools adapter. But then you need to load the frameworks at 32kB and 25kB respectively. It’s worth to note that we only save 1.0kB on using an adapter in the first place even if a framework is already in use on the page!

The adapter can be downloaded from our GitHub page and works at least with existing Highcharts 3.0.x releases. From the next maintenance it will be part of the download package.

To see the adapter in action, go to this jsFiddle page

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