Meet us in Zürich!

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We are eagerly looking forward to attending The Graphical Web 2012conference in Zürich next week. On September 12, Highcharts creator Torstein Hønsi will do a presentation of the Highcharts architecture and implementation. On September 14, he will do a four-hour workshop, going into details of Highcharts usage, with hands on exercises for participants. We’d love to see you there!skjermbilde 2012-09-05 kl. 13.35.20

As one of the sponsors of the conference, we care about the web and about the open standards that have allowed products like ours to thrive across devices.


Since JavaScript/HTML5 took over the web charting market, Highcharts has been among the most popular charting APIs. Highcharts is loved by web developers for the low entry level, slick default design and behaviour, scalable license model, numerous configuration options and an extensive documentation with hands-on examples for each option. In this presentation, author Torstein Hønsi will go quickly through the basics of Highcharts, then elaborate on the choice of using SVG over canvas for the drawing engine. For an in-depth course in implementing Highcharts, make sure to visit the Highcharts workshop on Friday as well.


In this workshop, author Torstein Hønsi will talk in detail about setting up a chart in your web page. We will discuss concepts like loading chart data by jQuery.ajax, setting up the back end, using the export server and more. Finally we will solve exercises and you will get the chance to discuss solutions around your own charting needs.