Announcing the Highcharts .NET wrapper BETA

Highcharts dot net wrapper


UPDATE: The final release of our .NET product has been released. Please visit this page for more information.

Finally, the .NET community is able to take full advantage of everyone’s favorite charting library without having to deal with the JavaScript language, thanks to Highcharts .NET 

Highcharts .NET allows developers to make interactive cross-platform, mobile-friendly charts using the extensive Highcharts API (which includes both Highcharts as well as Highstock for financial charts) with the Microsoft .NET framework (ASP.NET, MVC).

We’re inviting you to try out this BETA release and give your feedback.


First of all, from the server-side, you will need ASP .Net 4.x + and ASP .NET MVC 4+.  Visual Studio .NET 2012 and above are highly recommended if you would like to open product demos directly.

With regards to the client side of things, no additional work is necessary on your end, since Highcharts and Highstock work and dynamically scales across all modern browsers and all platforms (check browser compatibility).


By clicking on the following link you can download the Highcharts .NET trial version.


To learn why Highcharts is the easiest way to create charts with .NET, read the documentation on Highcharts .NET.

You can learn more about how to use the wrapper by starting with The demo page for Highcharts .NET. Here you’ll also find the complete API.

Highcharts’ team also supports the .NET developers by forum, uservoice and our reqular support channels.

Share with us your thought and don’t hesitate to participate and join Highcharts .NET community.

If you come up with any clever solutions based on your own implementation, feel free to share a link to your code examples or GitHub page in the comments section below.