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We’re thrilled to announce Highcharts 4, including new feature like the long-awaited 3D display and heatmaps, as well as new graphic design and solid, colored gauges. New is also the Download Builder, where you can pick the features you need for your project and create a customized file for quick delivery. Along with the new release comes Highstock 2, including the new Highcharts 4, new design and some new features.

Developed for the mobile web, Highcharts is the perfect choice for interactive dashboards, or standalone in any web page or web-based project.


  • Visit the Download page for pre-built files or to dynamically create your own build.





In Highcharts 4 we have gone very far in creating a realistic 3D view of your charts. Other charting tools typically add a couple of faces to a 2D chart to fake 3D. Highcharts on the other hand has created a true 3D space with perspective to make the columns feel like true objects in space. Read more.




With the new Download Builder you can cherry pick the features you need for your web project and create a custom Highcharts build. Ideal for applications where bandwidth is crucial, like mobile websites or web applications. Go to Download Builder.


heatmapHEAT MAPS

Create color coded heat maps displaying density or distribution values across X and Y axes. Heat maps borrow the color axis from Highmaps, where a full gradient or data class axis is added into the legend of the chart. With the HTML5 canvas demo, heatmaps can display thousands of data points in a few hundred milliseconds. Read more.


solid-gaugeThe solid gauge is an extension of the angular gauge, where the dial is replaced by a colored solid arc. The arc is color coded to reflect the point value. Colors can be defined as a minimum-maximum range, a gradient or as categorized data classes.


v4-designNEW DESIGN

Highcharts 4 and Highstock 2 have been overhauled with new default colors, more space between elements, a cleaner navigator layout, callout-type tooltips and better highlighting of hovered points. In addition, three new featured themes are published on the demo page, to showcase Highcharts’ versability when it comes to customizing the design and typography.


auto-markersPreviously, markers of a line-type chart could be turned on or off. In Highcharts 4, it is handled automatically to avoid charts with too dense markers when there are many data points. Once the chart is zoomed in, the markers appear to make it clear where the control points are.



Highcharts 4 and Highstock 2 clock in at 10% faster than the latest of the HC3 releases, mainly thanks to a more modular structure in the SVG and VML renderers. The same refactoring also makes extending the renderers easier, as each SVG attribute now has its own setter method.

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