Highsoft met with minister

Monica Maeland

Our CEO, Grethe, met with the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry. Entrepreneurs were invited to visit the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

monica_maelandHighsoft’s CEO, Grethe Hjetland, was one of the participants in a round table conference for entrepreneurship and startups, organized by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Meland. Entrepreneurs, representatives from various start up communities and The Norwegian Governement’s instrument for development and innovation joined in to share their experience with Mrs. Meland, who enthusiastically listened to each participants experience and recommendations.

Hjetland’s emphasize was to communicate how Highsoft has grown into a solid leader within the market of web tools for charting solutions grounded on a great idea from a local entrepreneur without leveraging from the start up instruments available in the initial phase. However, access to network and consulting from Innovation Norway and Connect Vest has become an important part of Highsoft’s future strategy planning seeing how the main product, Highcharts, has established a solid share in the market.