New features: drilldown and no-data

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Highcharts version 3.0.8 was released today, bringing so many new features that we realized too late it should be called 3.1! In addition to a ton of bug fixes and some speed improvement, these features are new:


This new module allows you to display drilldown data with stunning animations, visualizing to your users how your data is connected. Read more in the docs and in the API. Check out the demo:


You requested a simple way to tell your users you have no data to display. Check out the no-data-to-display module.


For charts with high data density, users have requested crosshairs that are not snapping to the closest point. In order to achieve this, we disconnected the crosshair logic from the tooltip, instead assigning it to the axis itself. Check out the axis crosshairdemo.

Highcharts 3.0.8 can run directly from or be downloaded from the download page.

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