Revised March 28, 2017.

The following represents Highsoft‘s current view of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Highsoft.

Highcharts JS 6 (2017)

Highcharts 6 will have a focus on new chart types, including:


Highstock 6.0

  • Annotation module.
  • Technical indicators module.
  • Back-end lazy loading, data grouping.
  • Unlimited panning and ordinal axis with max panning.
  • Range selector improvement.
  • Navigator upgrade.
  • Drag and drop pane resizing


Highcharts Cloud

At the moment we are working on a complete rewrite of Highcharts Cloud to maintain our charting service as competitive, reliable and easy to work with for all our customers making charts today.

What will the new Highcharts Cloud bring to you?

  • Better caching and storing options for your charts making Highcharts Cloud a speedy High Availibilty service
  • A completely redesigned charting editor
  • Team accounts & management, with finely-grained permission setting for team members
  • Datastorage on a private server
  • Saving charts from a hosted Highcharts Editor to your own Highcharts Cloud account
  • Possibility of on-premise installation
  • New and streamlined settings UI
  • Increased performance
  • Can be accessed through an API

We apologize for the inconvenience for the slight delay in the release of additional features. When going live with the new Highcharts Cloud in Q3, the following features will be included:

Q3 2017

  • Highcharts Cloud Team Accounts
  • Preset Team wide chart settings
  • Team member management
  • Full integration with the Highcharts Editor: save/load charts from the cloud wherever you're using the editor
  • Team collaboration
  • A redefined, optimized User Interface
  • Support for multiple axes
  • Export menu configuration

Additionally, the following features will be added rapidly post-launch in Q3 and early Q4:

  • Support for Highmaps
  • Store embed/inject codes on your own server: this allows you to wrap your own authentication mechanisms around the embed/inject access
  • API (RESTful JSON-based) access with proper API keys

Q4 2017

  • Integration with third party datasources
  • Live data support
  • Support for adding annotations in the editor
  • Support for custom editor plugins available for all the users in your team

New products and services

  • Gantt chart product. Implementation started July 2016. Alpha released in March 2017.