How to display a chart inside the tooltip?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to render a chart inside of a tooltip.

Let’s get started.

Creating a chart within a tooltip can be useful, for example, to visualize more information ​​or correlation in a given data point.

If you are not familiar with the tooltip options, feel free to check the tooltip and the tooltip useHTML documentation for further information regarding the main options used in this article.

There are four steps to create the chart inside a tooltip:

  1. Be sure to set useHTML to true and return the replaced HTML tooltip element in the tooltip.pointFormat.
  2. Create the rendering function as follow:
    function renderChart(point) {
      Highcharts.chart("hc-tooltip", {
        chart: {
          type: "pie"
        title: {
          text: "Chart inside tooltip"
        series: [
            data: point.options.eData,
            dataLabels: {
              enabled: false
  3. Then, on the tooltip event, I call the renderChart function for individual points of the main chart:
    Highcharts.addEvent(Highcharts.Tooltip, "refresh", function () {
  4. Finally, in the main chart object the tooltip.pointFormat gets the following code:
    tooltip: {
       useHTML: true,
       headerFormat: '',
       pointFormat: '<div id="hc-tooltip"></div>'

Now, you are ready to add more information to your chart using the tooltip.