Still supporting IE11? Action required

Generic Highcharts picture

In the upcoming Highcharts v11, the standard build of JavaScript files will be compiled with modern language features like arrow functions, destructuring, optional chaining and nullish coalescing. These are features that allow the Highcharts developers to write smarter, terser and more performant code. They are supported by evergreen browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox since at least March 2020.

If you still need your projects to support IE11 or other legacy browsers, action should be taken before March 1st 2023.

  • If you’re loading your script files from, legacy builds will be available from See live example of using es5.
  • If you’re importing as a CommonJS module, you should also use the es5 folder: const Highcharts = require('highcharts/es5/highcharts');