Why eoda uses Highcharts in its data science environment

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Whether software developer, data scientist, or BI professional: Highcharts offers a range of advantages for your daily business. We compiled for you the top 5 benefits for using the Highcharts library.

What is Highcharts?

Highcharts is a pure JavaScript framework which we at eoda use for visually supporting statistical evaluations. Complex data and large amounts of data can be depicted easily and used for exploratory analyses. Interaction possibilities allow users to record their data in an individual way. Integrating the open-source library into a project or creating your first diagram can be done in a few steps. In this way, there will be no more obstacles in the integration of a charting engine thanks to Highcharts.

How do we at eoda use Highcharts?

At eoda we use Highcharts for example on our insights platform, the eoda | data science portal. Using our portal, clients can create a customized dashboard with different widgets. For the chart widget, we use the entire range of functions of the Highcharts library. Especially our developers appreciate the well documented and consistent API that is supplied by Highcharts. Due to that, we can offer a portal-specific configuration interface that provides the portal user with a tool that enables him to arrange and adjust every chart to his individual needs.

Intuitive and quick configuration

You can easily create and configure a chart via a JSON object. In this way, you will save time, effort, and resources. And it becomes even easier with the Highcharts editor which makes it possible to generate a chart even if you have no programming skills at all.

Solid functionality and compatibility

Comprehensive tests by Highsoft with every new version guarantee the highest standards in ensuring their functionality. This even includes backward compatibility regarding older browser versions.

Logic API

The logic API facilitates the dynamic configuration of a chart. Due to the consistent configuration structure, for example, different chart types can be randomly modified. For this, it is enough to adjust the type of property. The rest of the configuration can be used as it is.


We appreciate the comprehensible visualization that results from the neat and appealing design which is already delivered with the default configuration. But for those who would like to let their creativity run free: The shape, color, and design of a chart can be defined by every user individually.

Trust in our partner Highsoft

The company Highsoft is just as reliable as the API. For technical issues, we trust in the competent consulting of their employees. The philosophy of Highsoft is reflected in every personal consulting. Customer support, communication, and a highly professional manner are central at Highsoft.

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