Highcharts Version 9.3

Highcharts version 9.3


We’re proud to announce the new major Highcharts release 9.3.
Here are the main highlights of Highcharts version 9.3 (check the Highcharts changelog for more details):

  1. New series type and mode
  2. New Stock Annotations
  3. Stock Tools Gui Improvements
  4. New Map View
  5. Left/Right Scrollbar Position

1. New Series Type And Mode

We have added a new series type and a cumulative sum mode.
1. The HLC series is similar to the OHLC chart but uses only High, Low, and Close values to render a point. It was possible already to create the HLC series, by setting the Open value to null, but now it’s officially supported.

2.The cumulative sum is similar to the compare mode, where each point is a sum of all previous points. Why is it so good? Just like compare mode, it adapts to the extremes. That means you can easily view the cumulative sum of the period of your choice!

HLC series type is also available in highcharts Stock Tools module.

2. New Stock Annotations

We have added three new annotations to the Highcharts Stock Annotations module:
1. Ellipse annotation is an improved version of the existing Circle annotation. Circle annotation does not adapt its radius to the extremes, whereas the Ellipse does, because there are two axes along which Ellipse is rendered. What’s even better? Our Ellipse can be rotated.

large-oval gif

2. Fibonacci Time Zones is a tool that shows potential areas of importance related to time.

large-fibonnaci gif
3. Time Cycles allows you to highlight cycles on charts. Depending on a chart granularity, it is possible to mark every year, quarter or day.

large-time-cycles gif

You can find all new Stock Annotations in highcharts Stock Tools module.

3. Stock Tools Gui Improvements

We have improved a few aspects of our Stock Tools GUI:

  1. Thanks to the Indicator-on-Indicator, it is possible to add indicators to the main series and rendered indicators. You can easily smooth the Stochastic indicator using, for example, EMA.
  2. Now, you can easily and quickly find any technical indicator thanks to the Indicators search box. It does not matter if you type “SMA” or “Simple moving average”. With aliases, it is possible to extend the list with other names in any language.
  3. We have replaced a few inputs with predefined dropdown options. For example, Pivot Points technical indicator now lists all available algorithms, where you can easily pick any algorithm that suits your need.

4. New Map View

In Highcharts Maps, we have rewritten the geometry logic to abandon hidden axes, and instead of setting the view in a more intuitive way using coordinates and zoom level. With internal support for map projections, we are paving the way for upcoming features like native support for TopoJSON and Web Map Services. Check out the new projection demo for some of the possibilities.
large-projection gif

5. Left/Right Scrollbar Position

As of v9.3.0, it is possible to set the preferred position of the scrollbar. By default, the scrollbar is positioned on the opposite side of the yAxis, but now it can be configured. It is especially useful when a chart supports the RTL language. Check out the left scrollbar position demo.

You are welcome to be part of the community and share with us your ideas and feature requests on GitHub tracker.

*You can only upgrade to Highcharts 9.3.0 for free if you have an active Advantage, or you’re using Highcharts for a personal website, a school website or a non-profit organization.

What is advantage?
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