Highcharts Version 9.0

Highcharts version 9.0

We’re proud to announce the new major Highcharts release, including the Stock, Maps, and Gantt packages. Here are the main highlights of Highcharts version 9.0 (check the changelog for more details):

1. A facelift for the Stock range selector

We did a significant overhaul of the range selector’s UX.

Responsive range selector

First, we added a feature that allows the range selector button row to collapse into a dropdown if the space is limited.

responsive Range Selector

This feature may be forced to always show a dropdown, or disabled to always show the button row. The default behavior is that the dropdown appears responsively, which provides a better experience on small screens such as mobile devices or within dashboards.


HTML 5 date pickers

Secondly, and again with the same mindset to improve the mobile experience, we upgraded the range selector date inputs.


Now, the inputs use true HTML5 date pickers, supported by most modern browsers. Other browsers fall back to text inputs like before. Furthermore, we removed some ink around the date inputs for a more modern and lightweight graphical design.

2. Area series in 3D charts

Area series can now be added to 3D charts and laid out with individual depths to achieve a stacking effect in the Z dimension, as we have previously supported on column series.

3. Accessibility improvements

We enhanced the accessibility experience by adding the legend title and improved legend item labels support, in addition to various minor improvements.

4. Safer HTML handling

While all user-supplied content should be filtered before being added to the Highcharts configuration, we are now taking extra steps to ensure malicious content does not enter the DOM. All provided HTML configuration strings are now parsed into abstract syntax trees, which are in turn filtered by allow-lists before being inserted into the DOM.

5. Internal refactoring

Though not visible for the end-user or implementer, we did a major refactoring on how the series types and indicators are organized. They now are ES6 classes with true inheritance and better suited for TypeScript.

6. Bug fixes

Our team is continuously working hard/smart on keeping Highcharts rock solid and improving our community and users’ experience.

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