Announcing Version 7 Highcharts, Highcharts Stock and Highcharts Maps

Highcharts 7

For almost a decade, Highcharts has remained the most popular enterprise charting library for web apps. We are excited to announce the release of Highcharts 7, along with its siblings Highcharts Stock 7, Highcharts Maps 7 and Highcharts Gantt 7, all sharing the same battle-tested codebase. Here are the most notable new features and enhancements:

Typescript support

We are happy to inform TypeScript developers that the Highcharts NPM package now allows type checking for most Highcharts options and functions, including auto-complete code with integrated documentation for TypeScript-capable editors like Visual Studio Code. This feature is currently in a late beta, with a final release just around the corner. Learn more about it here.

Annotation API for supporting user interaction

Until now, Highcharts has allowed developers to define and display annotations by configuration via its annotation module. In version 7 we are taking this idea a big step further, making it possible to build user-interfaces for client-side annotation, via the API. Offered as a turnkey solution that includes commonly used annotations, such as text labels, shapes, arrows, and flags, it is also easily extended with your own annotations.

Client-side editing of charts makes it easy for non-developers to enhance their charts for more engaging storytelling, ideal for all kinds of publishers, scientists or analysts. However, when used in conjunction with Highcharts Stock, the annotations module is capable of advanced, ad-hoc financial analysis as well. In addition to writing text, drawing arrows and symbols, end users may apply advanced financial annotations such as Fibonacci, Pitchfork, and Parallel Channels via simple click-and-drag. This functionality, along with the ability to interactively render over 40 popular Technical Indicators, such as ranging from SMA, Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, makes Highcharts Stock a unique and comprehensive, interactive, front-end framework for financial analysis and trading, as well as online financial publication.

Highcharts works the way you work

We continue to ensure that our products help make developers’ lives easier, no matter which stack they are working on. As such, Highcharts supports wrappers for .Net, iOS, Android, Angular, Vue and React.

As a convenience for users of Highcharts Maps, hundreds of maps, optimized for fast download and rendering, may now also be accessed via NPM.

Another helpful tool for developers, is our new, interactive Highcharts Debugger. It will help speed up development by providing instantaneous warnings and error reports above your charts. The error messages provide clear instructions on how to resolve your issue.

New chart types

As with every release, we introduce a new set of chart types, based on customer demand. They include Venn diagram, Euler diagram, Packed Bubble charts, Depth Chart (aka. Wall Chart), Pyramid Column, 3D Cylinder, and Force-Directed graphs (aka. Network Graph). Version 7.1, soon to follow, will also include Organization chart, Timeline series, Hyperbolic Treemaps, 3D Funnel series and Pyramid 3D chart.


Since Highcharts 5, our suite of products have been breaking new ground when it comes to SVG accessibility, and our screen-reader support is regarded as the best on the market. With Highcharts 7, we are enhancing our Accessibility module with a sonification API for rendering data series into audio frequencies.

Other enhancements

The performance of our libraries remains a constant focus, and the codebase contains hundreds of small and large enhancements in this respect. Two of the most notable enhancements include: Improved label positioning options in pie charts, improved legend representation of bubble charts, and styling charts with CSS (aka. styled mode) will now be activated through options on a chart-by-chart basis, instead of as a separate library.

Check out the demos and learn more about Highcharts 7, Highcharts Stock 7, Highcharts Maps 7 and Highcharts Gantt 7.

Download the Highcharts 7 family here.

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