Network Graph

Network graphs are used to display categorical data relationships.
The demo below displays the relationship between the South Korean domestic flight airports . The nodes represents the airports that are classified into three main categories: Red color: airports with more than 50 direct destinations. Yellow color: Airports with more than 10 direct destinations. Green color: Airports with less than 10 direct destinations.

Good to know


  • A Network graph is an appealing and stylish chart.
  • A Network graph offers up to three dimensions to display relationships such as the bubbles size, bubbles’ colors, link between bubbles.
  • A Network graph has a compact shape that makes it a good chart to fit into dashboards and small screens.


  • A Network graph could be complex to understand, particularly for a non data literate audience.
  • A Network graph with excessive bubbles could be difficult to read.


A Network graph can be accessible to suit visually impaired users. By using common sense to select the right colors and options to highlight nodes and links.


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