Revised November 5, 2021.

The following represents Highcharts’ product development cycle and future direction. It is only intended for information purposes and not seen as a commitment on our part.

Highcharts JS

  • New dashboard package which will administer the data layer and communication between multiple charts and other components. Commenced work in Q2 2020.
  • Continued TypeScript migration.
  • New series type, pictorial, an infographic-style visualization of quantities using simplified shapes. See the preliminary study.
  • New series type, tree graph, for displaying hierarchical data in a tree view. Commenced work in Q4 2020.
  • New series type, arc diagram, similar to the dependency wheel, but where the nodes are laid out on a line and the links are semi-circles.
  • Support zooming on polar charts.
  • More navigation control in drill down. Breadcrumbs and go-to-level feature. Commenced work in Q4 2020.
  • More data label options for dependency wheel, similar to pie series.
  • More formatting options for tooltip.

Highcharts Stock

Highcharts Maps

  • Support for TopoJSON and making it our preferred delivery format from the Map Collection.
  • Support for tiled web map services.

Highcharts Export Server

  • Transition away from using PhantomJS to using Chrome Headless.
  • Remove the async option.
  • Support authentication and paid premium plans.