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From code to chart in record time

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or download iOS Wrapper from: CocoaPods. Also available via Carthage.


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The most popular, robust and battle-tested JavaScript Charting library is now available for iOS with our new Objective-C wrapper. Get gorgeous, multi-touch charts with just a few lines of code.


Robust documentation

We take great pride in creating developer-friendly documentation and demos that make learning our tool a fun experience. Our API documentation contains descriptions of all the necessary classes and how to use them. You will also find several “getting started” guides, as well as in-depth documentation of its features and options with live code. As the infrastructure itself is intuitive, most developers will find it easy to use, even without referencing the documentation.

Vast chart collection

Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types.

Options are optional

In most cases, charts look and behave exactly as you need without any modifications. For anything else, a simple options-structure allows for deep customization. Check out some advanced customizations in our community section.

Flexible styling

Our elegant charts render crisp and clear at any resolution and are easily styled via the via Objective-C (iOS) or JavaScript API as well as CSS (web apps).


Easily bring chats to live to demonstrate complex relationships between data with live dynamic updates of data and customizable animations.


The dedicated iOS wrapper for Highcharts is designed to work with iOS 8.0+. A convenient class infrastructure allows one to quickly embed charts in iOS apps, written in Objective-C or Swift. Distributed as a framework, doesn’t require complicated setup.


Our mobile solution encompasses a small JavaScript web view embedded in your mobile application. This code is identical to the industry-leading Highcharts code, used across millions of web pages. A dedicated iOS wrapper is available for developers who would rather not work with the JavaScript library directly.

Multi-touch Optimized

Intelligent responsiveness goes beyond fitting the chart to the dimensions of its container, but places non-graph elements such as labels, legends and headings in the most optimal location automatically.

Multi-touch gesture support allows for a native experience on mobile and touch screens. Single touch-drag for data inspection, multi-touch for zooming, and more.

Vibrant community

The largest developer community of any premium charting tool on Github, StackOverflow, and other forums is eager to offer additional assistance, platform-specific implementation advice and inspiration when you need it. In addition, we have half-a-dozen dedicated support engineers monitoring our forums, StackOverflow, GitHub and support emails.