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Treemap Chart

Treemaps are used to visualize hierarchical data.
The demo below visualizes the Fiji divisions and provinces by population in 2017:

Good to know


  • A treemap is an attractive and engaging chart type.
  • The treemap has a compact shape that makes it an ideal chart for dashboards and/ or small screens.


  • A treemap could mislead a non dataviz savvy audience, as elements with large values could disguise other elements that have smaller values.
Example number
 of Treemap Chart Chart


A drill-down is an excellent feature to add to a treemap for more data exploration. In this demo, by clicking on each main area, the audience sees the composition of each region.


To reach a broader audience, feel free to create an accessible interactive treemap chart by using a pattern fill chart or a monochrome chart.


Learn more about how to create a treemap.