Treemap Chart

Treempas are used to visualize categorical data composition. The demo below displays the areas of Canadian regions and provinces.
The treemap chart makes it clear that Canada is composed of four main regions: Northern Canada, Atlantic Canada, Central Canada, and Western Canada. Each region is composed of many provinces and territories.

Good to know


  • A treemap is an attractive and engaging chart type.
  • The treemap has a compact shape that makes it an effective chart for dashboards and small screens.


  • A treemap could be challenging to read if the elements have similar values. In this case, use a bar or column chart
  • In some cases, a treemap will not be the most effective choice if a large dataset is used to visualize composition. In this case, either group the elements and use the drill-down option, or alternatively choose a bar or column chart.
Example number
 of Treemap Chart Chart


A drill-down is an excellent feature to add to a treemap for more data exploration. In this demo, by clicking on each main area, the audience sees the composition of each region.


To reach a broader audience, feel free to create an accessible interactive treemap chart by using a pattern fill chart or a monochrome chart.


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