Treemap Chart

Treemaps are used to compare categorical data.
The demo displays the Danish exports in 2018. Treemap charts make it easy to see that services represent Denmark's biggest export, with a percentage of 39%. The other main exports are chemical products, agriculture, and machinery.

Good to know


  • A treemap is an appealing and fashionable chart.
  • The treemap has a compact shape that makes it a great visualization to fit into a dashboard and small screens.


  • In some cases, a treemap is not the most effective choice if the data set used for comparison has similar values. In this case, the audience will have difficulty comparing two areas or more with roughly the same surface. To solve this issue, either add labels to the treemap or select a different chart type, such as a bar or column chart, to help the audience.
Example number
 of Treemap Chart Chart


A drilldown is an excellent feature to add to a treemap for more data exploration and comparison. In this demo by clicking on each main area the audience can see and compare the surface of provinces and territories.


To reach a broader audience, feel free to create an accessible interactive treemap chart by using wider borders between categories.


Learn more about how to create a treemap.