Stacked Bar Charts

Stacked bar charts are used to display categorical data composition.
The bars’ lengths are an excellent indicator for illustrating data composition. The chart below reflects the composition of honey. Fructose and Glucose are the main components of honey with 38.2% and 31.3%, respectively.

Good to know


  • Stacked bar charts, like the stacked column charts, work great with categorical data.
  • Stacked bar charts are simple to create and understand as long as not crowded with datasets.
  • Stacked bar charts are an excellent choice for restricted screens such as phones and tablets, as you can fit large amounts of data vertically and users can scroll up and down to get insights.


  • Stacked bar charts could be hard to understand if you use too many datasets. Always use your common sense to create a comprehensible chart.


The stacked bar chart can be easily adapted to suit the color-blind community (see below), by using a pattern fill chart or a monochrome chart.


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