Scatter charts, also known as scatter plots or scatter graphs, are often used to display continuous data distribution.
The demo below shows the players' distribution by height (x-axis) and weight (y-axis) of three different disciplines: basketball (284 players), triathlon (109 participants), and volleyball (382 players). Thanks to the scatter chart, we get an immediate impression of the athletes' distribution, including the outliers .

Good to know


  • Allows a quick overview of the data distribution.
  • Visualize patterns with ease.
  • Easy to interpret and understand.
  • Outliers are quick to identify.
  • Existence of relationship (or non relation) between variables is quickly established.
  • Can handle a large number of data sets.
  • Flexible, as functions with almost any continuous scale data.


  • A scatter chart can be easily cluttered with a large number of series.
  • Can be complex to determine with accurate distribution, correlations, and patterns.


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