Pie Chart

Pie charts are used to compare categorical data.
The demo below visualizes the earth's water supply by comparing salt water, ice, and freshwater.

Good to know


  • Pie charts, similar to donut charts, are easy to create and understand.
  • The pie chart, like the donut chart, offers a compact shape that makes it an excellent choice to fit into a dashboard and small screens.


  • Take caution to not overload the chart with excessive categories otherwise the result confuses the audience with a crowded data in a compact chart. Alternatively, use a treemap in the case of a large data set.
  • Pie charts are limited to a single time frame, as it is not possible to show data trends overtime.


The pie chart can be easily adapted to suit the color-blind community (see below), by either adding a pattern fill chart or a or a monochrome chart.


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