Bar Chart

Bar charts are used to compare categorical data.
The bars’ length provide an excellent visual for comparison. According to the chart below, in 2018, Austria had the largest organic farming area shares in Europe with 24.1%, followed by Estonia with 20.6%, and Sweden with 20.6%.

Good to know


  • Bar charts, like column charts, are easy to create.
  • Bar charts are an excellent choice for restricted screens such as phones and tablets. As with this chart type, one can fit many data vertically and users can scroll up and down to get insights.
  • Most everyone is familiar with Bar charts making them easily comprehensible.


  • Typically bar charts are restricted to categorical data only (not a versatile chart type).
Example number
 of Bar Chart Chart


For more clarity, feel free to provide an interactive zooming capability or/and a fix labels on each bar.


Keep in mind that you can always adapt your chart to an accessible chart, especially if you are comparing more than one category. You can either add a pattern fill chart or a monochrome chart.


Learn more about how to create a bar chart.