When our customers tell us they want a new feature, we listen carefully, and if the feature makes sense, we integrate it into our core product. But for edge cases, you may need to override or modify Highcharts’ default functionality by writing your own add-on.

But before you start coding, check out our library of community add-ons. Great minds think alike! Also, check out the community code snippets of cool things you can do with Highcharts’ core library.

Community Add Ons

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    1 month ago | 2 minutes read
    3 months ago | 3 minutes read | Post-tags: Animation,  CSS,  line chart

    Robustify Highcharts

    Additional product Highcharts Maps

    Create interactive map charts with drill-down and touch support.

    Additional product Highcharts Stock

    Create stock or general timeline charts for any web and mobile project.

    Additional product Highcharts Gantt

    Create interactive charts for allocating and displaying tasks, events, and resources along a timeline.

    Add-on Export Server

    Allow your users to download the chart as PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG vector images, and more.