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We offer an accessible interactive chart solution to empower people with disabilities.

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Highcharts Sonification Studio

Highcharts has teamed up with the Sonification Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology to bring you a free tool for exploring charts and sonification – using sound to visualize data.

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Highcharts Sonification Studio is designed in collaboration with Georgia Tech

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Keyboard Navigation

An essential part of the Highcharts Accessibility module is the added keyboard navigation support. By including the Highcharts Accessibility module with your charts, users are able to navigate and interact with the data points, chart menu, and other chart controls using the keyboard only.

Screen readers

One of the most well known assistive technologies in use by people with disabilities, a screen reader, is a program that attempts to convey the information on the screen using non-visual methods, such as text-to-speech. If your charts are using the Highcharts Accessibility module, screen reader users can navigate, explore and interact with your charts. It will also help your SEO, as web crawlers can read the information provided for screen readers.

Low Vision Features

With the Accessibility module, Highcharts comes with built-in support for Windows High Contrast Mode. Charts can also be viewed in full screen for additional separation of elements. Pattern fills are supported, as well as premade themes with higher contrast. Custom styles are also supported for all visual elements in the chart, and custom themes can be created. By default, series markers have different shapes to help distinguish between data points without the use of color. Due to the responsive nature of Highcharts, screen zooming tools are well supported.

Voice Input

New since Highcharts version 7.1 is support for voice input software. Similar to keyboard navigation, this is a technology that is beneficial to users with mobility impairments but has potential benefits for all users. Highcharts allows users of voice input software to interact with chart controls such as the chart menu using voice commands. Examples of compatible software include Nuance Dragon, and Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition.

Tactile Export

As long as the exporting module is included alongside the Accessibility module, users can download an SVG version of the chart. This SVG can be printed and turned into a tactile graphic using embossing printers or similar technology. Tactile graphics are often used to get an overview of chart layouts, and can be particularly helpful to explore charts with large datasets.

Tactile export image


With Highcharts, you can play back the chart as sound. This can be highly effective for conveying trends and patterns quickly without the need for visuals. For more information, see Sonification.

Cognitive Accessibility

A lot of Highcharts features are developed with the goal of making charts easier to use and understand. This translates to better cognitive accessibility, as well as an improved user experience for all users. Relevant features include tooltips, chart legends, dimming surrounding content on hover, series labels, viewing charts in full screen, and data table support.


All Highcharts generated text content can be translated to different languages, including all text used by the Accessibility module. To set these options, see Highcharts language accessibility.

Use cases

Making charts accessible for people with visual impairments

A collaboration between Elsevier and Highcharts sets a new standard for chart accessibility.


Read about how our collaborations have led to innovations in accessible data visualizations.

Blackboard Ally and Highcharts Working Together

Read about how Blackboard is leveraging Highcharts to deal with the accessibility challenge within companies, higher education, and government agencies.